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 Reflections from the Home Team - October 12, 2020

"When you encourage others, you in the process are encouraged because you're making a commitment and difference in that person's life.  Encouragement really does make a difference."
-Zig Zigler

Greetings from Cedar Falls!

I am truly excited to launch my latest book this week, Reflections From the Home Team... STAYING POSITIVE When Life Throws You a Curve! The book is now available for ordering at my website. To learn more about the book's purpose, feel free to visit and share the book's website link listed below.

I wanted to also share that by purchasing the book from my website, it will not only help cover the costs of publishing, but my wife Tricia and I have decided that we will donate a portion of those proceeds to Hope Lodge and the American Cancer Society in Iowa City. Hope Lodge and the American Cancer Society were instrumental in providing me a place to stay throughout my treatment regimens and helped remove much of that burden from our family.

Hope Lodge has been impacted by the pandemic as all of us have, and has been their legacy, they have made the best of the current situation. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the American Cancer Society suspended Hope Lodge in Iowa City operations in March of 2020 because they could no longer ensure the safety of their immune-compromised cancer patient residents, volunteers and staff. Until able to safely host patients again, the American Cancer Society is offering Hope Lodge facilities for health care workers who are unable to return home for fear of exposing their families to the coronavirus. They have also launched the Hope Lodge COVID-19 Response Fund to raise funds to operate their repurposed Hope Lodge facilities during the COVID-19 crisis.

Remember, making ourselves available to others can open up the doors of opportunity for deeper relationships, healing and transformation. For many, time is one of the most valuable commodities in today's fast paced world. Sharing time with others is a wonderful gift. It says, "Here I am...for you. To listen, to care to serve." The power of presence should never be underestimated!

Be an encourager in someone else's life!



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 Reflections from the Home Team - October 10, 2020



Xulon Press/Salem Publishing presents encouragement from the dugout!

Learn more about the book and how to order your personalized copy at:

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Learn more about the book and how to order your personalized copy at:

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